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Premium Valley Cedar Panels: Background & Highlights

  • BC Building Code approved & engineering report available.

  • Proudly constructed in Parksville BC, on beautiful Vancouver Island. We support local hardware & building supply stores.

  • Professional, genuine customer service.  We invite the homeowner, contractor or distributor to reach out to us. We love to educate and guide in the decision of the right product for your project.

  • We provide product samples and connect you to a local distributor.

  • 40 year proven design derived from Cedar Valley Manufacturing Inc. We proudly support and honour water, wind and product warranty test ratings offered through Cedar Valley:

  • 100% kiln dried, defect-free old growth Western Red Cedar.  We proudly leave our green footprint in creating a home siding system with up to 55% less old growth cedar when compared to 18" individual shingles.  Additionally, the installation process comparison to 18" shingles reflects an additional 20-30% less waste when using our panels.

  • Unique shingles with a beautiful band-sawn feature, allowing for excellent stain penetration. We are the only supplier that creates a shingle with this quality.(Competitors offer smooth glassy surface shingles with poor stain penetrating abilities)

  • The only shingle panel on the market with full-coverage under-course lay consisting of waterproof, breathable premium fiberglass matte, protecting the 3/8" exterior plywood base.

  • If you have a LEEDS project, we have a Canadian R-value test report which adds LEEDS points. Our 3-layered shingle panel siding is the only shingle siding that adds R-value ratings for LEEDS.

  • Blind nail application: Fasteners are not exposed to the elements unless special cuts are made. Stainless steel fasteners are only necessary for exposed application.

  • Installation is up to 8x faster than individual shingles which results in massive install savings.

  • Pre-stain with ease at the factory or on site.  When compared to stain dipping 18" shingles, this is a huge savings advantage. Let us recommend a pre-staining operation nearest to your location!

  • Easy DIY installation, utilized to the smallest end cut, position your keyways how you like them.

  • Keyway modifications: We are the only shingle panel manufacturer that can modify our keyways. Standard shingle panels are made with a small keyway (space between each shingle), great for solid paints, stains. OR request tight keyway (shingles butted together) for transparent stains or the "silvered/weathered" look.

Product Specifications

  • Standard exposures are 5.3" or 7-1/8" Choice of straight buttline or staggered buttline.  Also ask us about special exposures or decorator designs! We love to work with the homeowner or designer to create the look you want!

  • Choice of appearance: Vertical Grain (growth rings run straight) or Mix Grain: (beautiful swirling pattern)

  • A standard panel is 8' in length. Each 7-1/8" panel covers 4.75 sq ft, while each 5.3" panel covers 3.57 sq ft For special exposures we will provide you with an adjusted sq ft. coverage.

  • Matching shingle corner pieces available. 8 pieces per bundle. 7-1/8" covers 4.75 feet of wall height, and 5.3" covers 3.57 feet of wall height.

  • Standard keyway spacing, tight keyway or choice of a special wide keyway.  Keyways have full-coverage under-course protection from the base consisting of water-proof-UV protecting fiberglass matte & premium construction adhesive. *Note, due this unique layered system, if keyways line up, this in no way compromises the integrity of the product and is completely fine.

  • No pressure to stock product. We love to build customized orders to better suit the customer's needs. We take care packaging our product, ensuring each parcel is palletized, cardboard protected and lumber wrapped.

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